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Since the day of Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry established, become one of the leading companies in our city and give direction to our province's economy. We, Antakya Chamber of Commerce management as the day we took over, of our city and our region to lead the development in terms of socio-economic, giving direction to the business world, informing our members of developments with related sectors, we endeavor to increase their competitiveness and corporate vision. As much as we can, we endeavor to provide benefits to our members. Our members’ problems which were transferred to our chamber, we pursue in the resolution by passing to the competent authorities.


In addition to our main task of our duties,  the passed thousands of years of history with promotion our city, we tried to protect our heritage and history.


By producing projects, we tried to pull towards allways higher of our quality of service. We always endeavor to uphold our Service quality and try to provide of our members' expectations and satisfaction of our members. In this sense, we continue our work to ensure that our members benefit from technological developments, accordingly it is a great pleasure for us to share in our web page of our works with valued members.


The authority that we took over as entrust, with the awareness of responsibility of the unity and understanding, we will continue to work on; without compromising our quality of service, fair, considering the satisfaction of our members, our province's socio-economic development and to serve the interests of our business determination.


At this point, I offer my love and regards to all my friends who has a voice in the management of our chamber. Moreover,  there has been very valuable chamber managers since the first day of our chamber established. I also like to thank and I wish mercy from Allah the homage.


I wish all our members with these feelings, and plenty of beneficent earnings and I give my love and respect.


                                                                                                                      Hikmet ÇİNÇİN

                                                                                                                 Chairman of the Board